Volunteer to Help Get Steve Re-Elected

There are lots of ways to help Steve's re-election campaign


Door knocking/Lit Dropping

Hit the pavement and meet voters where they are. This includes dropping literature while socially distancing

Phone Banking

Call voters and donors to spread the word about Steve


Write and mail postcards to voters in the district 

Meet & Greets/Virtual Events

Attend virtual events to learn more about Steve and his issues and encourage others to do the same.

Greeter at Door Knock/Lit Drop Events

Help other volunteers check in and make sure they have the materials they need

Social Media Booster

Follow, like, or share Steve's social media posts to help spread the word.  A quick and easy but effective way to help!


Donating is volunteering.  Help fund the campaign to re-elect Steve

Volunteer to Help Steve Get Re-Elected