• Steve Sandell

Why Can't We Pass a Jobs Bill?

The Legislature left the Capitol in July without passing a "Bonding Bill", the authorization for the state to borrow money for construction and repair of buildings and infrastructure. It's a "jobs bill" as far as I'm concerned. The projects across the state--and especially in Washington County--are not only important for our cities and counties, they represent the values we continue to talk about. Besides that, this bill--approximately $1.8 billion dollars--will put a lot of people to work at a time when that's enormously important. 

What's the problem? Bonding bills require a 3/5 majority in the House. That means we DFLers need six votes from Republicans. The minority leader, Rep. Kurt Daudt, has said that no Republican representatives will vote to put people to work and strengthen our state's infrastructure unless the governor relinquishes his peacetime emergency authority. It's his way of putting "politics before people". That's the problem.

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