• Steve Sandell

Part of the Tapestry We Want to Be

Mohamed Mukhtar, an Imam at the Bloomington Dar al-Farooq Islamic Center, was attacked and beaten by two teenage boys as he walked to nightly prayers on August 6th..  An article in the Star Tribune last week described an informal gathering held to call for greater understanding and tolerance.

Our Minnesota cities and towns have for 150 years been a home for newcomers settling among those who had been here for many hundreds of years. The integration of different faiths, culture, and traditions in those cities and towns hasn’t always been easy, and in some places we’re still struggling with issues of misunderstanding and discrimination.

It’s an honor for this city to be chosen as the location for any church, temple, or mosque--the spiritual home of those congregations. It’s also an opportunity to strengthen our commitment and understanding to the variety of traditions among our neighbors. The Eastern Twin Cities Islamic Center in Woodbury, like the Islamic Center in Bloomington, has added to the variety of faith and tradition in our city--an important piece of the tapestry we want to be.

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