A teacher, coach, author, museum director, and DFLer

​I want to work for you, for the values and interests we share, for the well-being of both our children and our parents, for equity in educational and economic choices and for a promising and vital future in Minnesota. 

That's why I've decided to seek this office and ask for your vote.

Minnesotans deserve a future based on the legacy of our history. Our parents and grandparents voted for Democrats like Hubert Humphrey, Paul Wellstone and Orville Freeman; for Republicans like Luther Youngdahl, Harold Stassen and Dave Durenberger. A dozen Nobel Prize winners have graduated from our schools. Minnesota's leaders in civil rights, labor, education and the arts -- people like Joan Mondale, Nellie Stone Johnson, Josie Johnson, Sister Giovani and Alan Page -- are national leaders as well.

We need to embrace those traditions and aspire to a future where politics transcends adversarial boundaries and responds to the best ideas we have, where our energy, innovation, compassion and respect for each other are treasured and put to work.

Those are my goals, and with your support I'll bring that ambition and energy to the House of Representatives. I'm a Democrat and I believe in the party's traditions, and I am asking all of you in Woodbury District 53B for your vote to make this district, this state and this part of the country a gift to our children, grandchildren and their children.




Steve had to stay in a crowded room with some other kids for a few days after he was born in June 1940 at Swedish Hospital in Minneapolis until he and his mom could move with his dad to an apartment in south Minneapolis. They lived there until December 1941 when his dad enlisted in the Navy. When he came back from the South Pacific, they settled in Minneapolis.

He attended Minneapolis public school and graduated from University High School. Steve went to Brown University to earn his undergraduate degree, Macalester College for his teaching certification and Stanford University to study education and public policy for a master's degree. 


Steve has taught in the St. Paul Public Schools, the Anglo-American School in Stockholm, Sweden and at Visitation School in Mendota Heights. He served as Head of Education for the Minnesota Historical Society and director of the Humphrey Forum, a museum of government and politics at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs. He is also the author of Northern Lights: Going to the Sources, a textbook of Minnesota history, and articles for the Minnesota Historical Society's Roots Magazine.


Steve received a Bush Foundation Leadership Fellowship, the University of Minnesota's award as Outstanding Staff Member, the Governor's Commendation for Outstanding Teaching, and the Minnesota Academic Excellence Foundation's Education Hero award. 



He married Eunice Nelson, of Wood Lake, Minnesota, in 1968. they have two adult children, Astrid and Stig, who attended St. Paul Public Schools, and two grandchildren who are in the Stillwater schools. Prior to moving to Woodbury, Steve was a PTA president; coach and manager of youth hockey and soccer teams; coached high school hockey, tennis, cross country and lacrosse teams; served as secretary of the Minnesota Council for the Social Studies; and was a member of the YMCA Camp Warren Board of Directors.

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