When I was looking for advice a couple of years ago, a friend told me: “Win or lose you’ll never be sorry you ran.” I’ve been lucky, with everyone’s help, to win a couple of times and to have this pretty remarkable job. Your belief that a vote—your own vote as well as others’—can strengthen our democracy and enrich the lives of those with whom we share this part of the world is the inspiration I recognize and treasure. Thanks to all who waved signs, “dropped lit”, wrote cards, sent contributions, made calls, offered encouragement, put up signs, came to meetings, sent a note . . . and voted. Our campaign had extraordinary leadership and intrepid support—just the best—and your confidence is a gift I hope I can return.

Working for You

Tough times? You bet, but I'm convinced we can find ways to improve the lives of all Minnesotans and I've been working to do that for the past two years.  My bills have already taken steps to

  • Protect our water from "forever chemicals"

  • Offer a new "Minnesota Miracle" to pay for our schools

  • Provide teachers and students with essential economic education

  • Improve housing for a group of disabled citizens

  • Support post-secondary enrollment options for students


Your Advocate in the Legislature, A Resource for the Community

In these unique and difficult times it's essential that we work together to make sure every Minnesotan and every American has the resources they need to stay safe, healthy and solvent.  I'm working to do that every day in the legislature but many need more immediate help with child care, putting food on the table or paying rent.  To help with this we've created a Community Resources page where you can find information and links to local resources for assistance.

A Note From Steve

I admit that the Capitol takes my breath away every time I walk through its hallways. Its architecture, the painting and design, the House and Senate chambers, and the rotunda—it’s a pretty remarkable place.


The ambitions of democracy that inspired those who imagined and built the Capitol deserve our best effort to make government work for all of us—whatever the circumstance. These days our resolve and experience are facing daunting circumstances. 


This Spring season has been difficult for all of us. We’ve all been asked to make sacrifices. 


Our work at the legislature has taken a detour while we deal with this crisis of public health. But I haven’t put other important issues aside--clean water, innovative schools, sound and progressive tax policy, and programs that protect this globe we all share.


Some of that will be delayed while our days are occupied meeting this crisis. I’m asking for your support and your vote now so I can return to the House in January and join the remarkable people there to make government work for all of us. 


The Capitol building is still brilliant at night. The golden Quadriga, the marble statues, the pillars surrounding the dome beneath its cupola are all there, lit against the dark sky. I want to work with you to meet the challenge of these dark times, to build a strong and confident future together.


Have a question for Rep. Sandell? Want to volunteer to help us win this November?  Leave a message here or visit the Connect page. You can also get in touch at Sandell53b@gmail.com
Thank you!

Thanks for reaching out!